CONNECT with A.G.A. on TWITCH and WIN $$$

CONNECT with A.G.A. on TWITCH and WIN $$$

When GAME ON competitors arrive to West Catholic High School Saturday, May 4th, they will not be the only ones walking away with money in their pocket. Now, any high school esports club who tune into can win money as well.

Courtesy of A.G.A. Foundation and State Farm, one high school esports club will win $100.  State Farm agent and A.G.A. Foundation board member, Dave Smith, is a big proponent of youth athletics. Smith, who also owns and operates, recognizes supporting esports competitors is important. Part of his goal is to reinforce best practices of traditional sports with those in esports, including first and foremost, incorporating exercise as a way to maintain a level and clear mind during online competition.  “To me, exercise has a tremendous effect on reducing anxiety and an athlete’s mental state.  I recognize online competitors compete with different skill sets than some of our basketball players. However for both to succeed, regular exercise helps reducing anxiety- a winning formula for any young athlete”, said Smith.

Also just announced by A.G.A Nation, members of the competing High School clubs including Lowell, East Grand Rapids, East Kentwood and West Catholic can win $100 as the Game On- Online Champ.  For more event details, Fortnite points system as well as how to win, connect with Game On event director Adam Antor @adamangam3r for more information.

Game On™ is also part of A.G.A. Nation’s High School Assembly Tour offerings, showcasing the following programs:

  • Bring Your ‘A’ Game to School™ a thrilling, school wide assembly featuring professional BMX athletes, performing amazing stunts while inspiring & educating students to bring their ‘A Game’ every day in school & life.  A.G.A.’s signature series also supports FEAT of Southern Nevada whose mission is to provide information on treatment resources for families with children diagnosed with autism, autism spectrum disorder (ASD).
  • DUNK Distracted Driving™ combines dynamic basketball performers along with an education and informational message in a school wide assembly on the dangers of distracted driving.  Through its 501c3 public charity, A.G.A Foundation supports PlayAllBasketball.Net & PlayAllSports.Net which provides social, educational, athletic and career improvement opportunities for youth and adult sports clubs.

For more information on A.G.A. Nation, and A.G.A. Foundation, including the support of a new skatepark in Wyandotte, Michigan with the Tony Hawk Foundation, please contact or visit