COVID-19 turned the student experience at high school upside down, and attendance took a nose dive. Aiming to reverse the trend, Central High School invited in some guys who know a thing or two about inversions.

An all-student assembly on Thursday at Noyes Field welcomed the A.G.A. Nation “Bring Your ‘A’ Game to School” team, composed of bicycle motocross (BMX) and kick scooter athletes who combine their stunts with messages on the importance of school, consistently showing up to class, working together with classmates who are struggling and engaging with academics.

“The last two years have just been really rough, for like all of us,” said Ashlyn Ford, a Central junior. “And I know it’s really hard for some of us to just get back into even the motivation to go to school. But it’s important to get back in and learn and try to have fun at the same time.”

Central activities director Dave Lau explained how the event came about. In searching for ways to get students to reengage with life at school after the pandemic, he came across an offer from A.G.A. Nation, formally Adrenaline Games Association LLC of Grand Haven, Michigan. From there, an event was planned with help from the U.S. Army, which sponsors A.G.A. Nation in various scholastic-minded events across the country.

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