Although the world is becoming more digital by the day, experiential marketing is gaining new found momentum. While consumers are used to gathering information and making connections via electronic means, nothing can quite take the place of face-to-face contact. By Mary C. Long – September 21, 2018 – Ad Week, Social Pro Daily

A.G.A. Nation’s experiential marketing expertise has evolved over the 11 years since the company started producing events.

The goal initially was to produce action sport campaigns, including BMX, skateboard, and snowboard events regionally for under-served markets, comprised mostly of competitions at the intermediate and advanced levels. If the X Games were the World Series, AGA looked to serve the Single-A or Double-A level of play for athletes.

As A.G.A. grew beyond competitions and into school assembly productions, it began offering partners the ability to integrate their brand nationally in front of captive high school audiences, year round.

Since 2006, A.G.A. Nation has produced over 5,000 school assembly events, most of which showcases partner branding on-site, including military, wireless, auto and beverage categories to name a few.  The goal was not only to entertain and educate students with a strong powerful message, but to deliver an interactive experience showcasing a like minded community partner.  A.G.A.’s trademarked presentations include the popular BMX show, Bring Your ‘A Game’ to School™, and basketball assembly, DUNK Distracted Driving™, and others, each aiming to connect brands to students in engaging and compelling ways.  Along with delivering a strong experience for the athlete and spectators, A.G.A. Nation’s assemblies are designed to incorporate the partners brand message on-site, online and on demand.

Students learn lesson in distracted driving

Throughout its popular High School Assembly Tour offerings, A.G.A. Nation utilizes the 7C’s including: content, customization, customer care, communication, community, connectivity and convenience.

AGA partner, Ron Thomas, explained that experiential events at high schools are needed now more than ever; “the growth in digial marketing is great, but brands without a physical presence to complement their own digital efforts leave behind one of the best paths for establishing customer relationships“ said Thomas.  “Our app-enabled events bridge the gap by combining great messaging, digital marketing, and highly engaging in-person brand introduction”.

According to a study by Jack Morton Worldwide, 11 out of 14 consumers reported preferring to learn about new products and services by experiencing them personally or hearing about them from an acquaintance.  And A.G.A. Nation’s events provide impressive brand awareness opportunities – post-event student surveys show a 90%+ unaided brand recall result.

With a captive audience at high schools’ coast to coast, A.G.A. Nation High School Assembly Tours continue to grow.  A.G.A Nation now offers signature events, compelling content online, down-loadable mobile apps and interactive social media promotions.

For more information on its High School Assembly Tour and ways to become involved, please email kurt@aganation.com.