Celebrating 10 years of Adrenaline!

Celebrating 10 years of Adrenaline!

It’s been 10 years of adrenaline for A.G.A. Nation! We would like to thank all the competitors, riders, friends and family who have brought their ‘A Game’ every year!

From hosting action sports clinics, to AGA Cup competitions to our Bring Your ‘A Game’ to School assembly shows all across the country, our team couldn’t have done it without your support! Looking ahead this year, our team is proud to announce several new additions to 2017, including a new look website. Designed by Adam Yarbrough, AGANATION.COM is now more mobile friendly, showcasing all that is going on, past, present and future.

Speaking of the future, here is what in store for 2017…

National Guard ‘A Games’ tour continues in 2017!  – AGA Nation teams travel all over the country bringing its’ A Game’ to high schools all across the country. Be sure to look for dates and times the National Guard Bring Your ‘A Game’ to School assemblies will be visiting your town and school!

Downtown Rail Jam comes to Grand Rapids ‘Snow Days’ event (Saturday, February 11th).  AGA Nation’s annual snowboard, ski competition for the AGA Cup and CASH! Mobile set-up and event will take place right along the Grand River and right in front of the Gerald R. Ford Museum.

New ‘Recovery’ videos from Spectrum Health Sports Medicine coming in 2017- Check out past ‘webisodes’ featuring some of the area’s top riders in snowboard, wakeboard, BMX and skate here!


Stunt Builders TV – a new docu-reality show in production. Final edits are taking place…be on the look out for its debut! AGA Nation will be in Washington D.C. for the Reel Screen Summit taking place in January.


F.E.A.T. of Nevada ‘A Games’ –  A.G.A. Nation recently announced a new partnership for the F.E.A.T. ‘A Games’ coming up Sunday, May 21. And part of the support will come from AGA Foundation, a 501c3 entity focused keeping today’s youth active and staying safe through action sports programs.

DUNK Distracted Driving(Spring 2017)– School assembly program coming to Southeastern portions of the U.S. in conjunction with the Florida Army National Guard and North Carolina National Guard.

National State Games coming to Grand Rapids (August 3-6)- This year, the annual State Games of Michigan event in ‘Grind Haven’ will now move to downtown Grand Rapids as part of the National State Games of America. A.G.A. Nation will sanction both the annual Skateboard, BMX competitions, intermediate and advance divisions for AGA Cup cash and more!  For more information, please visit http://stategamesofmichigan.com.

A.G.A. Cup – Check out new champions page featuring a list of winners in snowboard, wakeboard, ski, skateboard and BMX. Also check out the archive page and be sure click on select year for other news from the past 10 years!


Click here! Merchandise online – Featuring the official AGA Nation mascot ‘Shred’, t-shirts, coats, hats, other items can be designed and delivered directly to you!