Downtown Rail Jam rides into Racine!

Downtown Rail Jam rides into Racine!

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AGA Nation‘s DowntownRail Jam

ridesinto Racine for’The Big Chill’

As part ofthe annual Big Chill Snow & Ice Festival, Real Racine and AGA Nation areteaming up once again for another high energy, adrenaline packed event. Justannounced, AGA Nation’s Downtown Rail Jam will be part of the City of Racine‘spopular winter event, showcasing a mobile park, ramp set-up for snowboardersand skiers!  The entire festival willtake place Friday, January 9 through Sunday, January 11. Complete festivalschedule, entertainment and other details to be announced in the coming weeks.


Snowboarders,skiers and sledders will have the opportunity to ride the park all in the heartof Downtown Racine.  Friday night willfeature open riding for all along with a pro demo. On Saturday more open ridingfor all ski levels along with a AGA Cup a cash competition Saturday night.  Divisions, total cash prizes and additionalevents, announcements and more to be announced in the coming weeks.


“We arevery excited about the Downtown Rail Jam coming to Racine”said Kari Dawson Real Racine Events Director. “Not only are we going to have astate of the art mobile park set-up in downtown for riders but sledding areasfor family fun as well!”


“Weare excited to be back in Racine!” declared AGA Nation partner, Ron Thomas. “The Big Chill Snow & Ice festival is aperfect fit for an event like ours and riders will love competing in front ofthe downtown crowds”. 


The DowntownRail Jam includes cash prizes and sponsor swag going to the podiumfinishers at each round. Winners for both snowboard and ski athletes,intermediate and advance divisions will also vie for AGA Cupbragging rights including the chance to engrave their names with past championsincluding Autteish Danger, Malcolm Forbes, Ben Fisher, Jon ‘Deezle’ Depoian, CoryWiergowski, Dustin Blauvelt, Pat Ellis and more! To pre-register for more details.


Real Racine is the non-profit destination marketing organizationthat oversees tourism promotion and development in Racine County. RealRacine‘s mission is to promote Racine County as an attractive destination to enhance thelocal economy.


AGA Nation®( is an action sports entertainment firm showcasing athletesof all skill levels as well as supporting venues and organizations throughevents, new media and community programs. Other specialized productions includemobile shows featuring snowboard, skateboard, BMX and wake board eventsfeaturing Downtown Rail Jam and Bikes, Boards & Beach Seriesevents. In addition, AGA Nation®travels to schools all over the United States includingBring Your A Game to School™ and Lids on Kids assemblies.  Onlineinitiatives include weekly social media promotions as well asdigital ‘webi-sodes’ ‘Dialed In’, ‘Recovery’ featuring yourfavorite athlete and event.