‘Shred Press’ – Ron Thomas blog

‘Shred Press’ – Ron Thomas blog

‘The Bublcam’ – Basically it is a Go Pro that can shoot 360 degrees at all times, something I’m sure riders, skaters and everyone else will find a million uses for as time goes on but this got me thinking…

Action Sports are not black and white. They aren’t as simple as whoever crosses the finish line first or whoever puts the most balls through a hoop wins. At best they are an artistic representation of oneself through the use of specialized equipment.


In all, Action Sports new technology has always changed the game. Skateboards used to be roller skating wheels bolted to a 2×4. Do you think anyone would have ever kick flipped El Toro if skateboards didn’t evolve? In BMX, some years back, the weight of bikes got cut nearly in half and almost as soon as that happened never before seen tricks like triple tailwhips became commonplace. In the last few years, however, electronic products have begun to change the game.

The best riders and skaters in the world no longer have to prove them selves at the X Games. They can head downtown in their own city with a go pro and do something that is worthy of national television. In fact, many who take that route garner the most respect these days. There need not be an open qualifier any more, if you are good enough to deserve recognition you can now prove it with an Iphone, a gopro or soon maybe a bublcam. A good internet video can go a long way…..just ask Justin Beiber