5 Questions with Mickey Adkins – Local Skate League Detroit!

5 Questions with Mickey Adkins – Local Skate League Detroit!

 5 Questions with Mickey Adkins….Local Skate League Detroit director

AGA– So Mickey, what made you want to put the Local Skate League concept together?

MA- I had the idea for the contest for about a year now but didn’t act on it. I’ve always wanted to skate a street league format contest but nobody was throwing them so I figured I would put it together and see if it was a hit.

AGA – How long have you been thinking about hosting a Local Skate League event?

MA – About a year now but I really started acting on it about December. It took more work then I thought it would.

AGA – What sponsors will be there on Saturday March 9 @ Oakland Vert ?

MA – We got some great sponsors for the contest we have Red Bull, DGK, Expedition, AGA Nation, ATS, Supra, Krew, Gold Wheels

AGA – If all goes well Saturday, do you expect to host other comps?

MA – I do plan on having many more contest this year at skateparks all over

AGA – Finally, most pressing question. What is your favorite TV show?

MA – . I would have to say Prison Break or Dexter (editors note – Breaking Bad is the correct answer)