SEARCH FOR SHRED – Cathy Morgan and Ryan Miller win!

SEARCH FOR SHRED – Cathy Morgan and Ryan Miller win!


THEME DATES                           WINNERS                            ANSWER                                           PRIZES

Great Debate Mondays – 1st winner – Randy Smith – Gave best summary for selecting Corey Wiergowski. Won NEFF backpack

2nd week winner Nick Cooper – Wins Skate Deck for his Will Ferrell favorite movie selection - Step-Brothers!

3rd winner – Ryan Miller wins NEFF watch selecting Chenga or best indoor skate park

4th week – Jon Handy wins a FREE  event entry pass to winter event in 2013!

Action Caption Tuesdays - for best pic caption on AGA Nation’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages-

Chris Hartman takes home the NEFF watch!

Cathy Lorenzo-Morgan takes home some sweet swag for her Action Caption!

Kyler Wells – Sharing the love earned Kyler an AGA Nation t-shirt.

Watch n Win Wednesdays – Ryan Bezemek  on AGA Naton’s You Tube page provided the correct answer – Larry Taylor @McDonald’s Wake Jam – 1:24 You Tube video 

Watch n Win Wednesdays – Josh Dohnal on AGA Nation’s You Tube page identified filmers, camera lense used and more first!

Watch n Wednesdays - Chris Barron captured some swag for correctly identifying Wake Jam adv winners Nick Mechigan and the Delong brothers!

Watch n Wednesdays- Josh Dohnal is a 2 time Online Open winner. Picked 3 skaters from Shomsky’s slo mo edit from Grand Haven.

Throwback Thursdays – NO winner – correct answer – Patrick Ronan; AGA Big Air champ @ Mt. Brighton

Search for Shred – Hunting season underway on AGANATION.COM as  Eric Lee wins pair of Supras

Ryan Miller and Cathy Morgan win some great NEFF prizes!

Facebook Fridays – Matt Kucera – correct answer – Greg Flowers (AGA Nation Facebook Friend); wins NEFF hoodie/snow cap

Facebook Fridays – wake park pics posting – NO WINNER