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SWAG™ – targeted athletic competitions for sports teams, PE classes, and age-appropriate students of all stripes, SWAG provides a national competition that engages thousands of high school participants, simultaneously creating instant, meaningful encounters and embedding “recruit me” apps into the hands of thousands of teenagers.

Bring Your ‘A Game’ to School™ – action sports mobile teams that inspire and educate students on what it means to bring your ‘A Game’, focusing on the core “A’s” of education: Anti-Bullying, personal Achievement, maximizing your Ability, staying Active, being Authentic, and having the right Attitude.

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DUNK Distracted Driving™ – combines dynamic basketball performers along with an educational and informational message on the dangers of distracted driving. Whether it is texting, talking with friends or driving under the influence, inexperienced teenage driving accounts for a majority of accidents in the United States

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