Rise Above BMX from AGA Nation on Vimeo.

Dan Sieg ,31 years old from northern Wisconsin – Dan has been in the action sports show game for 12 years. In that time his career has taken him around the world and around the US as both a performer and a competitor. He’s been a pioneer on his bike inventing tricks such as the 180 double tailwhip and the front flip double barspin. He is both a natural leader and an industry insider with an eye on what is next to come in BMX. He has been a team manager with Rise Above/AGA Nation for 5 years now and due to his talent and knowledge both on and off the bike we expect him to be around for a long time to come!

Cory Yarbrough, 25 years old from the Detroit area – Cory’s BMX career likely began in his back yard with a shovel. While others around him sat at home after school and on summer days he dug trails and built ramps…although everyone showed up to help ride! When Cory wasn’t working on ramps he was honing his BMX skills, a past time that saw him soon become a formidable talent on his bike.He got his start as a professional BMX bike rider with Rise Above/AGA Nation back in 2009 and has since been a full time rider. In 2012 he learned his way around a microphone, combine that with his undeniable skill on a bike and now he manages a team full time and we couldn’t be happier!

Seth Klinger, 25 years old from Kansas – Seth is undeniably a crowd favorite and one of the longest standing members of Rise Above. Seth currently both manages a team for Rise Above/AGA Nation and still competes as one of the top industry professionals.In his off time he can be found filming videos with BMX superstars, traveling for his personal sponsors or just kicking it being awesome! Seth is a big guy with a heart of gold that is sure to ‘win’ any show he’s a part of!


Lane George, 31 years old from Minnesota – Lane has been in the BMX show industry full time for 12 years and that kind of longevity, in a job that so many people would love to have, does not come easy! Lanes BMX talent is obvious as he is one of the most consistent riders out there.Lane is also one of the few people knowledgeable enough behind the scenes to find solutions when things don’t go perfect. He is easy going, very sharp both on and off his bike, and a proud member of Rise Above/AGA Nation!

Andrew Fox, 24 years old from Illinois – Andrew is a nut, he rides BMX shows like they are the X Games. In other words at any given moment you might see him doing some of the hardest tricks on a bike know to man. He goes huge and as a result he often pays the price...which is why he walks with a permanent limp. He is a great guy with a heck of a work ethic both on and off his bike. He has been a permanent member of Rise Above/AGA Nation for some time now and we are stoked to have him on the team!

Eric Trombley, 18 years old from the Detroit area – Eric did his first show for Rise Above at the ripe old age of 14! Now, barely 18 years old, he is a seasoned vet at Rise Above and 6 years younger than the next youngest permanent member…which speaks volumes about how he carries himself.He’s an extremely talented bike rider, consistent crowd favorite, one of the only 2 riders in the world that can perform in the Bike Swing shows, he dabbles in announcing already and he has his entire career ahead of him. We couldn’t be happier to have him as a proud member of Rise Above/AGA Nation.